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HUMYDRY® Freshwave® is the most effective neutraliser of unpleasant odours.

HUMYDRY® Freshwave® is a highly effective solution to combat unpleasant odours.

The patented Freshwave® formula effectively neutralises foul odours, completely eliminating odours from the air and making them imperceptible to the sense of smell.

HUMYDRY® Freshwave® Spray is instant action  in the air and on fabric.

  • 250 ml format with vaporiser for the use by spraying
  • Neutralises smells immediately
  • Controls smells in specific places
  • For use in kitchens, bathrooms or on clothes and cushions etc.

The surface of each Freshwave® molecule holds an electrostatic charge which attracts particles with bad smells.

The Freshwave® molecules are suspended in the air until they are saturated and fall to the ground, making them 100 % effective.

HUMYDRY® Freshwave® is a product backed by over 20 years of effective use in the USA and officially and solely distributed by Humex in Europe.

12.00 incl. VAT

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HUMYDRY® products are manufactured by HUMEX S.A. and are present in more than 50 countries under the HUMYDRY® trademark.

Breathe in. Sit back.
The air is clean thanks to HUMYDRY®.
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