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HUMYDRY® dehumidifier 250g is ideal for medium sized spaces. it is the perfect solution for excess humidity, mildew, peeling paint and stains on the walls in spaces up to 20m³. Controlling humidity also helps to prevent the appearance of mites, which play an important role in many respiratory conditions like e.g. asthma. It also helps to maintain optimal conditions for the storage of items in wardrobes. Ideal for wardrobes, shoe racks, medium sized rooms.

Refillable: Yes with universal HUMYDRY® 250g refills, available in different aromas.

Duration: It will work for 2 - 3 months, depending on temperature and humidity.

8.40 incl. VAT

Out of stock

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HUMYDRY® products are manufactured by HUMEX S.A. and are present in more than 50 countries under the HUMYDRY® trademark.

Breathe in. Sit back.
The air is clean thanks to HUMYDRY®.
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