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How do Humydry Anti-Damp Products Work?


HUMYDRY® granulates absorb excess moisture in the air to bring down to the recommended optimum level 0f 40% to 60% and drains it into the bottom container.

The benefits are:


Musty odours. Eliminates musty odours and prevents them from forming in enclosed spaces and poorly ventilated wardrobes.

Chilly sensation. Damp can sometimes lead to a cold feeling in some rooms, aggravating rheumatic and muscular aches.

The continuous use of Humydry® products helps to achieve an ideal level of household comfort.


Allergies. High levels of humidity can give rise to mould and mites. These are unhealthy, and especially impact children and people with respiratory ailments such as asthma.

Mould. The most common places that mould and mildew form are on walls, tile joints, inside furnitures, and in wardrobes.

Controlling damp is the key to a clean home.


Energy. It is easier to heat a house with a dry atmosphere than a damp one, which means Humydry® products will help you save energy and therefore money.

Maintenance. Ideal for keeping beach or mountain apartments in good condition all year round.

Caravans. Condensation inside caravans can stain fabrics and cause metal parts to rust.

Boats. The high humidity levels found on boats can damage cushions, corrode metal materials , and warp wood.


HUMYDRY Duplo 75g
Eliminates humidity in small spaces.

HUMYDRY Mobil 75g
Ideal for wardrobes, closet, bed drawers and show racks.

HUMYDRY Basic 250g
Is a perfect solution for humidity in your home.

HUMYDRY Compact 450g
Ideal for medium-sized spaces which have humidity problems.

HUMYDRY Premium 1000g
It is the largest capacity dehumidifier.

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Humydry® for fresher living.

HUMYDRY® products are manufactured by HUMEX S.A. and are present in more than 50 countries under the HUMYDRY® trademark.

Breathe in. Sit back.
The air is clean thanks to HUMYDRY®.
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