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HUMYDRY® dehumidifier DUPLO 75g is perfect for small spaces.

It is a double purpose product. It eliminates humidity and gives a pleasant odour. Ideal for wardrobes and bathrooms which do not have a high degree of excess humidity, but where you might like a pleasant fragrance.

Since it is small, nicely designed and easy to use it is ideal to use everywhere in the house where you might use an air freshener, but with the added benefit of reducing humidity. It is ideally suited for use the whole year round. It can be refilled with a perfumed tablet for intense fragrance.

Refillable with HUMYDRY® DEHUMIDIFIER DUPLO 3x75g available in different scents.

How to use: Open the package and remove the tablet. Remove the absorptive tablet from its plastic covering and then remove the plastic film that protects the fragrance and place the tablet on the filter. Close the cover and place in the area you want to treat. The product will start absorbing excess ambient humidity and storing it in liquid form in the rear container. The product will work for 4 - 6 weeks depending on temperature and humidity.

DUPLO refills gives the choice of fragrances, this product is unscented.

6.75 incl. VAT

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Apple, Lavender, Lemon, Unscented

HUMYDRY® products are manufactured by HUMEX S.A. and are present in more than 50 countries under the HUMYDRY® trademark.

Breathe in. Sit back.
The air is clean thanks to HUMYDRY®.
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